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Rev. Alice D. Martin
Intuitive Energy Healer 

Guided Energy Healing Meditations


A guided energy healing meditation is a guided meditation process that I have designed based on my practice as an intuitive energy healer.  I guide the participants through a series of visualizations that help move out inappropriate or stuck energy in the form of pastime belief systems and other people’s information.  This process gives an opportunity for the participants to be more in present time and in affinity with their authentic selves.  It also creates more clarity for their knowing and information.


What defines this type of guided meditation from others is that as an intuitive energy healer, I will be actually helping to move out pastime and stuck energy that the participants are ready to release.  I will be healing this energy by recycling it into present time and facilitating moving the energy back to whoever/wherever it belongs.  This also means that as energy is recycled, healed and returned to its owner that others, outside of the participants of the group, receive a healing as well.  As the guide for the mediation, I create energetic containers to appropriately shift energy that is ready to be released and create a safe grounded space.  I set intention and space for respecting permission levels of those participating, so only that which is appropriate and ready to be released comes up.  


I create custom meditations based on theme, venue and type of group.  The themes can be very secular in nature, for example giving an opportunity to clear tensions and communications within a group, or have a more spiritual or emotional healing topic. 


Contact me for questions and more information.