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Rev. Alice D. Martin
Intuitive Energy Healer 


Intuitive readings can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype.  I am experienced in reading and healing people, houses, animals, relationships and family dynamics.  I have dealt with inappropriate non-embodied beings and have helped ease physical ailments such as migraines and knee or back pain.  While I do not predict the future or give advice on making decisions, I can help remove blocked energy and past time beliefs that cause indecision and cloud your judgment.  The focus is on personal growth and removal of obstacles from your life path.

My readings are permission-based, which means I ask permission from you and your being to read your energy.  I will ask to see what is appropriate for you to know and heal regarding your current growth cycle and the issues or questions that you bring to the reading.  Also, because my work is permission-based, I will not read another person's energy while reading you.  I can see how their energy, or cording, is affecting you but I will not read their specific issues.  The exception for specifically reading others is in specialty readings for relationships or family, and if the other person is not personally in the reading, I will seek permission on a being level.

During the reading, I may see pictures (stuck emotional energy) of past lives or issues in this current life that hamper your energy flow or continually attract unwanted circumstances.  I may also see information or energetic cording from others (family, friends, work, society etc) that can also prevent you from knowing your own information and what is truly best for you.


At the end of each reading, a healing is performed.   I will move out any pictures, inappropriate energy or spirit guides that are in your space and that you are ready to let go.  Depending on the type of reading, I will also clean out specific energy channels and repair chakras that may have been damaged.  Removing as much inappropriate past time energy and energy from others allows  your being and body to be more in affinity with each other, with the planet and in present time.

Reading Types

30 Minute One Issue/Question Reading and Healing

50 Minute Indepth General Reading and Healing